Get started with 5 Activities 3 strategies to adapt into your new country or culture.

It is great for the whole family, especially your TCKs or CCKs

You will start with a quiz, explore your Identity through the Identity Orbit exercise, learn how to build your Cultural Burger as you move through different cultures, how to use your unique Universal Adaptor when adapting to a new country.

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About the editors

Megan Norton

is the Author of "Belonging Beyond Borders", Third Culture Kid Mentor, Educator, Advocate, Consultant; Intercultural Communication Trainer

​Florence Chabert d'Hieres

​Florence Chabert d'Hieres

is the Author of "I'm a citizen of the World"- Intercultural trainer & Cross - Cultural Coach - Founder of the Burger Model - - Brain Gym Practionner - Founder of Expat Village

Sara Coggiola

is an International Coach, Reinvention specialist, Facilitator, Cross-Cultural Trainer, Podcast host at "Reinventions in between"