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New Year's resolutions typically fail after 2 weeks

Many people take the opportunity of the new year to make resolutions. The most common ones are exercise more, lose weight and eat more healthily . Least common one is taking a digital detox.

The second Friday in January is known as Quitters Day as it is the most likely day for people to give up on their new year resolutions. Research conducted by Strava, the social network for athletes, has discovered that the second Friday in January was the fateful day when most motivations may begin to wobble.

By analysing over 31.5 million global January activities, Strava was able to pinpoint the second Friday in January as “Quitters' Day”.

Leaving a trail of abandoned gym memberships and forgotten dreams.

I invite you to join me and co-create together your Action board.

From a collage of images that represents what you aspire to for 2024, to an actionable plan that will prompt you to take action towards your goals.

Your resolutions have to be personally meaningful. A good New Year's resolution is one that resonates with what you want for your life. It should keep you motivated to work towards them, even when you don’t feel like it.

It's not about that beach house or the Ferrari you want to drive. What really motivates you is how the beach house will change the way you live your life, how would you feel being able to watch the shore every day when you wake up.

Our emotions are driving our life, for better or worse.

Online, you will receive a Zoom link and join a group of work,.

Come with a pile of magazines and a pair of scissors

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