Culture has no boundaries but many languages

With Minister of Family and Integration of Luxembourg Madame Corinne Cahen at the Newcomers Welcome kicking event 

Hi, I’m Sara

I was born and raised in Italy. My daughter was born in Asia and my son was in Europe.

The world, people, and their stories are the elements that feed my curiosity.

My passion for foreign cultures started during my childhood, with unplanned summer road trips in neighboring France. This led to my studies in foreign languages and literature. I am fluent in 4 languages.

In the past sixteen years, I have lived abroad covering Europe, South-East Asia, and Australia.

In order to support my family’s global mobility, I went through a personal and professional reinvention process which led to having a portable career.  I re-trained as a life coach and an Intercultural trainer after our first move to South-East Asia.

I now help expats, families in transition, accompanying spouses and Third Culture Kids settle in their new country and thrive.

You can read my posts and articles about cultural integration and expat life in magazines, blogs, and relocation portals.  

My work now focuses on personal and professional Reinvention, offering online webinars. To integrate this offer I am working on a podcast, to give voice to those brave who dared to take the leap, and to inspire others to change their life with purpose and impact.

I dream of dancing the samba in Rio and attending a colorful Indian wedding.

My motto is: Culture has no boundaries but many languages.

mountain peaks

my Why

To create a space of true belonging, so that people can transform/own themselves and let go of old broken patterns

This statement came to life during a break-out room session with Charlie in a Simon Sinek ” Find your Why” training. 

What I do

A “Multipotentialite”, workshops for newcomers, HUB DOT connector, volunteer work for FIGT…

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work with me

Living, Working, Parenting between cultures. How it can be challenging and enriching.

Individual coaching

Find your unique way to function to the fullest Individual coaching is a dedicated space and time. Through the Co-Active coaching approach, you will engage in a thought-provoking process that will accompany...

Intercultural training

Adaptable Intercultural training is highly customised based on clients’ circumstances and needs. I work with a wide range of clients, ranging from Globally Mobile individuals and families to International Organizations and no-profits.

Online courses

Webinars and workshops that will equip you with the tools and confidence to move forward in your personal and professional life.


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