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Reinventions in between


Your go to podcast for real stories of reinvention that happen between life stages, career changes and living abroad.

Get inspired, find resources, start your journey.

I’m Sara Coggiola, a Life coach, Intercultural trainer and Reinvention facilitator, helping people on their quest to what’s next. 

I have reinvented myself a few times, and in the past 16 years, I have collected fascinating stories of change.

In each episode, my guest will talk about why and how they took the leap and seized the opportunity to change their life.

You’ll hear accents, countries, vulnerability and hooray!

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Many expat spouses believe that a move abroad will result in a detrimental outcome for their corporate career. What if the consequences of that move would be unexpected? Linda Mueller experienced this, she went through a change that helped her to understand more about identity, self-worth and aspirations. Read more...

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Very often we believe that the normal professional path is: we have an aspiration, we get an education, and we go out to find the job we were trained for. Many times these paths are not linear, but include shifts. Those shifts typically happen as people make discoveries about themselves and gain new insights about their preferences. Read more...

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