One day, I was tidying up some boxes after move number 12 (I think it was number 12 !!!).

I found in my hand one of those adaptors that you need when you move to a new country. You know those plugs with funny multiple pointy pins ? I am sure every expat has at least 20 of, and can NEVER remember which one is for which country.

I was holding this object in my hand, looking curiously at its multiple pins.

Box full of old plugs from different countries


I realized how that object was a great metaphor for expats who have to adapt abroad.

Essentially, the plug works by connecting two ways, two worlds, and it is exactly what we have to do to make our social life function abroad. To feel that we belong to the new community.

When you use an adaptor, you enable your device (your world) to connect to the energy (outer world) and everything works!

I invite you to Join Our Free Webinar and learn how the “universal adaptor” can work for us.


Navigating New Cultures with Your Third Culture Kids! 🌍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦



As a community that values the rich experiences of global living, we are excited to invite you to a special event that aims to equip families like yours with the tools and language needed to navigate new communities and cultures effortlessly.


🌐 Webinar Details

  • Date: Tuesday 28th November
  • Time: 7AM AEDT Melbourne – 3PM EST NY – 8PM GMT London
  • Platform: Zoom


🌍 What to Expect

Join us as we host three incredible speakers – Jessi, Florence, and Sara – who, collectively, have lived in an impressive 15 countries and have navigated countless moves. Their diverse backgrounds make them uniquely qualified to share insights from the perspective of a TCK, a TCK raising TCKs, and a TCK mom.

🔌 Plug In to a New Culture

We’ll kick off the webinar with a simple analogy, using the ever-important adapter plug, which will quickly become part of your family’s lexicon. This metaphorical journey will set the stage for an engaging and informative session.

👩‍👧‍👦 Breakout Session 

  • Sara and Florence will lead a parent’s breakout group, delving deeper into teaching and discussion.
  • Jessi and the Kaleidoscope Team will connect with the TCKs in a separate breakout session for a creative activity and age-appropriate discussion.


🌈 Bringing it Together

We’ll reconvene to share highlights from the breakout rooms, fostering a sense of unity and understanding within the entire family unit.

👪 Who Should Attend

 This workshop is designed for BOTH parents and Third Culture Kids. By participating together, your family will gain valuable insights and simple steps to seamlessly integrate into new cultures and communities, ensuring a smoother transition during your next move.

📝 How to Sign Up

Secure your spot today by [clicking here] to register for this free webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your family’s ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing tapestry of global living.

We look forward to virtually connecting with you and your family!

Please take time to explore our speakers profiles

Jessi Vance at KLDSCP

Florence Chabert at Coach4expat

Sara Coggiola at Between Cultures



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