RIB2S2: A Career by design for the 4th Industrial revolution with Fabiana Leal


Navigating the Changing Landscape of Career Growth

Join us for an inspiring episode as we explore the journey of Fabiana, a career consultant who discovered her passion for helping others shape their professional paths. From realizing her natural talent to redefining her own career, Fabiana shares valuable insights into adapting to the evolving world of work.


–  Unveiling a hidden profession: Fabiana stumbled upon the career coaching profession and was astounded to learn that she could turn her lifelong advice-giving into a fulfilling career path. She embraced the opportunity to retrain and became a career consultant, driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact on others’ lives.

–  Thriving in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Fabiana delves into the concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution, offering a clear definition and highlighting the rise of new technologies. As jobs evolve and careers face disruption, she emphasizes the importance of reskilling, staying updated with new technologies, and positioning oneself for success in a rapidly changing work arena.

–  Embracing career reinvention: Fabiana’s passion for the future of work led her to engage in pro bono work and gain insights into career strategies. She discovered a niche in helping individuals reposition themselves in the job market and specifically found commonalities among expats seeking career transitions. She addresses the challenges of career change and provides guidance on navigating through trial and error.

Embark on this transformative episode to gain practical tips and a fresh perspective on designing your own career in the midst of technological advancements and shifting job markets. Explore the significance of personal branding, leveraging strengths, and adapting to change. Learn how to embrace the journey, set clear goals, and navigate career transitions with resilience and patience. Remember, in this era of abundant resources and opportunities, your career should align with your values and strengths, offering room for creativity and growth.


Fabiana Leal is a Career Consultant

Mid-Career Growth Designer helping highly-qualified expats land jobs around the globe

CL4IR – Career Lab at the Fourth Industrial Revolution

WEBSITE careerlab4ir.com/ignite

LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabianaleal


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