RIB1: Beyond the professional identity – With Linda Mueller

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Many expat spouses believe that a move abroad will result in a detrimental outcome for their corporate career. What if the consequences of that move would be unexpected? 
Linda Mueller experienced this, she went through a change that helped her to understand more about identity, self-worth and aspirations. 

“My identity and self-worth were tightly  intertwined with my corporate career. “

In this episode, Linda shares the challenges and the surprises of her transformative journey, learning how important it was for her to be authentic and true to what matters to her. 


  • Why stepping away from a corporate career can help you reflect on your other inner talents. Linda says she discovered her “super powers” while abroad.
  • How volunteer work can be a possibility to experiment roles and highlight unused skills, and repurpose them in new ways. Sometimes a move abroad can open up possibilities.
  • The importance of working on your individual VALUES, in non “Coaching language“, what is important to you, what matters.

“My first 3 years in Tokyo resulted in a crash course in personal development.”

Linda mentioned a BOOK that helped her during her process. “The most impactful book was: Is  Your Genius At Work? by Dick Richards. Once I realized  creating connections was my ‘genius’, my journey made sense to  me. “

Linda Mueller is a certified life coach and mentor who empowers expat partners/accompanying spouses to create a life they love; one that flows through the ups and downs of the expat/repat cycle. 

Linda is a former corporate climber with 10+ years of expat partner experience in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. She created a location independent career as a certified life coach and mentor while living abroad. Linda currently resides in Chicago (USA) with her husband and tween TCK.


Instagram @theexpatpartnercoach 
Website https://www.theexpatpartnercoach.com/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/theexpatpartnercoach

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